Interview: POISON ROUGE – Director, Actress, Renaissance Woman

Interview: POISON ROUGE – Director, Actress, Renaissance Woman

May 28, 2017

BTU had the honor to interview Miss Poison Rouge who is an Italian/French actress, athlete, model, and most recently the Director of the forthcoming AMERICAN GUINEA PIG IV: SACRIFICE which is Reviewed Here

Bio: Poison’s career began with an appearance as Cover Girl for the international Tattoo MagazineTattoo Dimension” in 2007. Poison became a full-time model in 2008, and her acting career started with the cult underground HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS directed by Domiziano Cristopharo. In the same year, Poison made her debut as a body art performer with the sideshow “BLOODY CABARET” co-starring with Domiziano Cristopharo, and thanks to her extreme performance, Director F. Dominedò wanted her in his short film “L’appeso“. In addition to acting she started sport competition Thai boxing and body building. In October 2016, Poison start filming her first feature film as a director of SACRIFICE, which would later be purchased to be released as an installment of the American Guinea Pig franchise.

BTU – Can you share your background with us a little? Where you are from, age, hobbies, etc.

Poison: I’m Italian, proudly from the suburbia of Rome… but despite my muscles, I’m a lady so I’ll not tell you how YOUNG I am. My hobbies (as you can probably see at first sight) are tattoos and Gym!

BTU – What film started you down the path to wanting to Direct a horror film?

Poison: Actually I’m a big fan of Sylvester Stallone and my favorite films are Rambo and Rocky. Besides that, I always shared with Domiziano the passion for Sideshows and Live stage performances of Body Art… in some way we don’t consider our “vision” strictly related to horror, horror is sadly part of life for someone… and we both try to tell the personal “hell” of that someone. Domiziano Christapharo more than 10 years ago involved me in his movies and I took lots of inspiration from his DOLL SYNDROME and RED KROKODIL. About my favorite horror film… I love BASKET CASE and STREET TRASH. Those are the perfect example of what I would love to do.

BTU – Your film SACRIFICE, although beautifully filmed, has very extreme scenes of body horror. Was there a point where you knew you wanted the film visually to be “pretty” but allow the ugly nature of the scenes to speak that much louder?

Poison: I’m a tattoo artist, painting and fine arts are another passion of mine. I discussed a lot with Domiziano (that in the film to take care of the cinematography and camera) because I wanted to start in a very simple way, and then to turn the bathroom into a very surrealistic and artistic visual background [*in the film Sacrifice]. Especially the contrast with the red and the blue, I think is something powerful and are colors I use often in my work are as well. We viewed many bathroom locations until we found the one that fits perfectly the actor’s eyes color. And the end of the film, I really wanted to depict it like still life paintings, where the decay of animal or food was “frozen” by the artist in a sad poetry out of time. That was my reference for the end, also for the unnatural green color of the death skin.

BTU – You seem like quite the renaissance woman. Is Directing film something you wanted to do once and move forward from or will you continue Directing?

Poison: Basically I’m a person that just loves life. I like to do things not ‘because “I must”…but because I have the pleasure to do it… I love to experiment and discover new things: I was a model, actress, I directed this film, I’m a tattoo artist and now I’m also into Bodybuilding… maybe I just don’t know what I want or maybe I want too many things…but at least I do everything without bother to anyone else. For sure I don’t have the “frenzy” to do another film tomorrow or in one year… maybe it could happen if the project is something that makes me feel alive… if not, I have many things to take care… like my boyfriend and…Oh! I also I have a fantastic DOG called Argo, that is the real superstar in my home.

BTU – If you will continue Directing are there any future projects you can share any details with us on?

Poison: After SACRIFICE I actually directed a short episode for the collective project PHOBIA. My episode is the fear of germs and being dirty, but I did a kind of homage to SACRIFICE. Or maybe I was running out of ideas (laughs). I’ll have a cameo in Domiziano’s next film EXPIATION… something that will close this “trilogy” of extreme films we started together… he wanted me for the lead role, but I had to say no: it is too sick and extreme even for me! So he will not talk to me anymore (kidding), I accepted the cameo role. But that script is sick and twisted as hell and I’m starting to become too sensitive!!!

Thank you VERY much to the enigmatic powerhouse that is Poison Rouge. We at BTU greatly look forward to the release of American Guinea Pig IV: Sacrifice!