Interview: Thomas Goersch

Interview: Thomas Goersch

Jul 11, 2016

Q)   Thomas, first, let me thank you for the interview.

 You are quite the accomplished actor in and out of the underground horror community, with some very notable performances. What have been your favorite roles you have played?

A)  Thanks for the “accomplished” actor. I do have some favorites.  “Lick an apple, like a pussy” was a film by Carl Andersen. A fully improvised movie, my first leading part, naked, ambitious. The title sounds like porn, but it isn’t.
For sure “Reise Nach Agatis / Voyage to Agatis.” My first movie with Marian Dora.  A movie shot fast in a few days. I loved the character Rafael. Sometimes it’s fun be an asshole. I love the slowness of the movie and the madness in the end.

“The Kobold Quest,” only a short movie, but I played a woman elf. A character named Luna Sunshine, pure fun, and I was an amazing some kind of Lord of the rings character.
“Small window of happiness,” a movie directed by myself, not completed yet. The story of a man, suffering under depressions. Losing his art, his family, everything
Q)   Your acting is quite impressive for independent films, what tips would you give the aspiring actors reading at home?A) Courage: everything is about courage. You are able to do everything. Don’t think about that you are naked, a monster, or ugly. You have to be a nice person: Don´t think about yourself as a star or something better. Do every kind of work: I am an actor, a host of a TV cooking show on German TV, script writer, radio man, speaker, sometimes a model,and a director.

Don´t be so bigheaded only to play ambitious big parts, be an extra from time to time, to let the foot on the ground. Be yourself, every time, say the truth, always. It’s not important to get famous.

Q)  You are also involved in L.B. Hyam’s Memoir of a Cannibal, based around the infamous cannibal Armin Meiwes. What is your involvement with the film and what can the viewer expect from this film?

A)   The film is based on the same true story as Marian Dora´s Cannibal.The director got in contact with me because of my partnership with Marian. My job is “only” the speaker of the cannibal. L.B. is working tough on the project and I love the parts I have seen. I

guess the people will love it.

Q)   Looking onto the future, what are some newer titles you are acting in that we can look forward too?

A)   “Boogeyman: Reincarnation” is on the way for release. I love Ulli Lommel. In first line I see him as a friend and then there is the Icon. His work with Fassbinder and Warhol and for sure his own work.Boogeyman will tell the story of the new Boogeyman. The first time you will see why the Boogeyman is who he is. I am playing “The Executioner,” a wordless strange bad guy.

The movie is completed and ready for release. “The Profane Exhibit” is going on for a release, too. So many rumors around the making of this movie. I love my episode “Mors in tabula”A story located in German nazi times. I really love my part as a father sacrificing his son to German ideal. Strange and dreadful.
“Small Window of happiness” directed by myself. An ambitious movie about a man suffering under depressions. Co-Starring the glamorous Manoush. A real drama. So many new parts for this year.

“The Winds in the Distance” – a neo-nazi drama, directed by myself. “Dinosour Valley,” directed by Yvo Scharf, a German Jurrasic Movie, and much more on the horizon.

Q) How do you enjoy directing films?

A) Directing is my new passion. It´s such hard work, but great.  To write the story, to play an interesting part, and to give the movie your message.I already shoot a short film as well as a feature film, as I said before. You can watch “Cry Queen of the Night” and “The Winds in the Distance” on YouTube.

Q) What actors/directors inspired you to start acting, or was a self-motivated effort?

A) I love all the directors which are not in the normal style by telling strange stories and love to work with real human beings. Pedro Almodovar, Lars von Trier, David Lynch , and Quentin Tarantino to name a few directors. My favorite film is ‘The Big Blue” from Luc Besson. The lead – – actor Jean-Marc Barr left me breathless. I was a fan of Brooke Shields since 1980 and played with her in “Powder Girl” in 2011.I adore her.Q) Much of the underground community would recognize you from Marian Dora’s Reise Nach Agatis and Carcinoma. How was the experience of working with Marian on

these films?

A) Marian gave me plenty of rope in this parts. I had a lot of space to improve. He never had to beg me to do something strange. I loved to be strange and motivated him to do everything he wants to do. He is a calm director and perfect for an actor to feel free in own creativity. It´s great when the director and actor trust each other.

Q) Thank you for the interview, I look forward too seeing you in a new film soon.

A) Sure no problem, thank you for the interview.