Film Review: IT…or another rant about remakes (2017)

Film Review: IT…or another rant about remakes (2017)

Mar 24, 2018

After finally seeing two remakes that everyone else in the world saw months ago, I’ve come to at least one conclusion.

For the most part, I believe that all remakes are unnecessary. This doesn’t mean that I don’t eventually see most them and once in awhile find one that I really like. Maniac and Evil Dead have been two of my favorites thus far. With that being said, neither of the original films needed a remake. I would say that It needed a remake the most out of the three mentioned so far.

For people that hated the It remake, I sometimes wonder if they have seen the original anytime in the last twenty years. I think you need to see if your favorite childhood horror holds up over time before bashing the remake. At the same time, the people that are obsessing over the remake probably need to check their motives as well. Maybe they’re just excited because most remakes are so bad that this one truly stands out for them.

In the case of the modern It remake, I can agree with that mindset. I thought it was really good, despite that fact that I still had a few issues. For instance, there are some awful performances in this movie. Child actors or not, I think the director had some of the villainous boys attend overacting classes before taking on these roles. I also found myself blown away by the amount of computer effects used in a film where lots of fans were freaking out about how much gore there was. There was definitely good gore. There were also some truly frightening scenes. It was a dark film that really encapsulated the tone of the novel and made the original film look like a comedy.

So while this movie is easily one of my favorite horror remakes, it isn’t all good. The original isn’t all bad either. It was, however, a tame mini-series version of something made in a completely different time for a different type of horror fan. I’m not mad at the current crew for making this into two films, because they are doing a good job. I do hope, however, that they stick to real gore effects and show some subtlety on the acting side of things.

Speaking of subtle acting performances. The Flatliners remake is probably one of the reasons that people throw a blanket of hate over all remakes. It took an R-rated classic and turned it into a PG-13 rated jumble of mixed messages and confusion. It didn’t balance sci-fi and horror very well, because it didn’t have much of either. It also had a weak plot, filled with terrible acting, and tons of unnecessary repetition. I guess it wouldn’t be annoying if you were a fan of neon laced dream-type scenes with annoying ambient music; followed up by party scenes with awkward sexual experiences. Conveniently enough, the fifth wheel dies; so, in the end, the four characters can be two couples in an ending that could be from a romantic comedy.

In taking my own advice, I also re-visited the original Flatliners. I discovered that it wasn’t as wild and terrifying as it was when I saw it at 15 years of age. It was, however, still a million times better than this remake in every cinematic aspect of which one could think. So if you are like me, and have been avoiding remakes lately, it may be time to check them out. I would recommend It to just about any horror fan, but Flatliners only to those fans that want a toned down version of Dark City meets Final Destination 15.