LAST DAY (BEST OF ME) from the Director of American Guinea Pig: SACRIFICE

From the Director of American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice comes the 1st Albanian horror movie LAST DAY (BEST OF ME), a fun 80’s homage with tons of practical effects!

Official trailer:

Plot: A body horror freely inspired to the real story of Ricardo López, the Bjork’s stalker.

Produced by: Bad Trip Bros.
Director: Domiziano Cristopharo
Cast: Jacopo Tomassini, Elisa Carrera Fumagalli, Bjordi Mezini
Special effects: Iva Cakalli, Jacopo Tomassini
Music: Antony Coia
Country: Albania
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 92 min

Author: Nick DeCarlo

Fan, Critic, Distributor, IT Professional, loving Father/Husband (and miserably failed former hardcore musician) Nick DeCarlo is the Founder of Beneath The Underground and BTU Films. Nick has been a horror fan since his first theatrical viewing experience of Motel Hell (1980).

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