Film Review: LE PRINCE DE CIEUX (2016)

Film: Le Prince des Cieux
Review By: Patrick Fleer
Production: SantaRita Films
Directed by: David Thouroude
Starring: Abidou M. Bodji
Music by: Billy Dranty

This hallucinated musical tragedy of a rebellious body that comes alive in a psychotic space saturated to trance, of a ruined body that looses itself to a rhythm of a poisoned blood beating under the skin, testifies of the illusion of going out when all that remains of life only nourishes what it bears worse.

And what’s that all represent or mean? Who knows when every scene is open to an individual perspective of interpretation. And I’m sure it will differ from viewer to viewer. Yes, we have a straight ART film folks.

Owner of SantaRita Films and film director David Thouroude sent me a personal signed copy to be reviewed. Very cool……so here we go.

Le Prince Des Cieux will either appeal to you or it won’t. The film runs 48 minutes. There is no dialogue, one character, at times super hyper bizarre sounds and flashing lights, disturbing imagery- some symbolic some not. It’s a story of personal disparity and madness. A movie about drug use and suffocating dystopia.

We follow actor Abidou M. Bodji through his day to day life. Boji’s looks and presence carries the movie perfect. He’s a captivating character. A lonely character trapped in his insanity, portrayed in a surreal fashion. The cinematography and music score were excellent, reminiscent of Gaspar NoĆ© or Darren Aronofsky’s Pi (yep, that type of movie). A few of the scenes carried on a bit long and at times I felt the music became repetitive but these are only minor complaints. There were scenes of great loneliness and scenes of highly disturbing drug trances. It’s not a movie really to be explained. I’ll advise you to go in not knowing and take Le Prince however you perceive it to be. This is a film of feeling and sadness for this lost soul is what I was left with.


Author: Steven Paul

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