Metal Monday #10 (Rigor Mortis aka Wizards of Gore)

Not to be confused with the other Rigor Mortis, who later became Immolation, this is a thrash band with definite horror movie roots. Most of their songs, albums, artwork, and even live shows deal directly with the world of classic horror films. They even focus mostly on the eighties and nineties, which, of course, are two of my favorite eras.


This band is now working under a new name, avoiding controversy and bad memories of ta past littered with break ups and death. They have actually been around since 1983; but, they have recently started rising from the grave. This, of course, is very important, since most of their songs are about death and zombies. I had the lucky opportunity to see them live at The Housecore Horror Festival a couple years back, in Austin, TX. Even their live act relies on a constant backdrop projecting scenes from classic zombie films.

The band broke up in 1991, but reformed in 2005. A first reunion featuring vocalist Dave Woodard was planned in 2003 but never came to light. Following the death of guitarist Mike Scaccia on December 23rd, 2012, the band broke up permanently.

In 2014, the surviving members and their friend Mike Taylor of Rabid Flesh Eaters formed a one-off tribute band called The Scaccianators to play the first Mike Scaccia Rock the Heart Foundationconcert. They formed another tribute band afterwards, Wizards of Gore, to play the CD Release Party for “Slaves to the Grave” and the Housecore Records Horror Film Festival. As of 2015, Wizards of Gore still performs for special events, especially those regarding Rigor Mortis. Wizards of Gore are now writing a new album in tribute to Mike Scaccia. Out of respect for Mike, the surviving members have decided not to use the Rigor Mortis name.

Re-Animator / Bodily Dismemberment Single 1988
Rigor Mortis Full-length 1988 8 (92%)
Demons Single 1988
Freaks EP 1989 6 (86%)
Rigor Mortis vs. the Earth Full-length 1991 3 (80%)
Slaves to the Grave Full-length 2014 5 (79%)
Welcome to Your Funeral (The Story of Rigor Mortis) Part 1 Video 2015



Author: Steven Paul

Born and raised in Michigan, slowly dying in Florida. I'm here to keep you informed about everything in the world of indie horror. I also specialize in all genres of exploitation, cult, and extreme cinema. As part owner and Editor of Film and Television for Beneath the Underground, it is my responsibility to provide vast amounts of information for the horror fan and an outlet for the filmmaker.

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