Metal Monday #8 (Pig Destroyer)

Metal Monday #8 (Pig Destroyer)

Sep 12, 2016


Pig Destroyer is a blazingly fast Grindcore band that has been around since 1997. They are known for brutal and violent lyrics, along with a flare for the disturbing.


Prowler in the Yard is my favorite album from Pig Destroyer. Aside from the totally awesome artwork, it also plays out like an insanely violent love story. From the obsessive intro track to the last violent second, you will no doubt appreciate the idea of a concept album in this genre.


Pig Destroyer is also known in this twisted musical scene because of their connection (Scott Hull) to another popular band, Agoraphobic Nosebleed. They also have a strange story regarding the absence of a bass player for numerous albums.


According to The Metal Archives:

The explanation behind the name of the band was a story in which the members were waiting in line to go on a roller coaster when they were thinking of the “most absurd punk rock name they could come imagine.” They thought of Cop Killer and Cop Destroyer, but then thought of Pig Destroyer; a less-obvious name than the other two. At the time they were more political and it made the most sense to them, but now they claim it’s just the name of the band.


Oh yeah, they also have some pretty awesome tee-shirt designs. The one above, will make your mother proud.

Name Type Year Reviews
Demo Demo 1997 2 (37%)
Explosions in Ward 6 Full-length 1998 1 (26%)
Orchid / Pig Destroyer Split 1998
Pig Destroyer / Gnob Split 1999 1 (75%)
Picture Disc 7″ EP 2000
Isis / Pig Destroyer Split 2000 1 (68%)
38 Counts of Battery Compilation 2000 1 (49%)
Prowler in the Yard Full-length 2001 16 (95%)
Benümb / Pig Destroyer Split 2002 1 (81%)
Painter of Dead Girls Compilation 2004 2 (87%)
Terrifyer Full-length 2004 9 (86%)
Pig Destroyer / Coldworker / Antigama Split 2007
Phantom Limb Full-length 2007 9 (72%)
Natasha EP 2008 7 (81%)
Book Burner Full-length 2012 5 (78%)
Decibel Flexi Series – Pig Destroyer Single 2013
Mass & Volume EP 2013