Metal Monday #9 (Goatwhore)

Metal Monday #9 (Goatwhore)

Sep 19, 2016


This right here is one of my favorite bands of all time. They are the perfect balance between black metal and death metal, with some thrash thrown in for good measure.

Horns Up Rocks Goatwhore Blood For the Master Album Cover

Their speed, anti-Christian, and ultra violent lyrics are pretty awesome. It is much of the vocal work, however, that truly leaves a memorable impression on the listener. It has the perfect tone and right amount of growling for many types of metal fans.


They are a band that I really love through and through. From their cover art, to their album titles, and beyond, they are truly a powerful force in the metal world. They are also a truly horrifying band. Since this is a horror site, we may as well mention that this band has one of the strongest connections to our favorite film genre of any of the bands in this series of reviews.


They are available through Metal Blade Records. They are also one of the few bands that I own in just about every format. I strongly recommend the rookie and veteran alike go out some of their stuff on vinyl.

See their work below, from The Metal Archives: