Metal (Music) Monday #4: The Big Four on Blu-Ray

Metal (Music) Monday #4: The Big Four on Blu-Ray

Jun 13, 2016


Six years ago, four bands that were already 26 years past their prime, released some live concert footage from the Sonisphere Festival in Bulgaria. While I like the fact that they are more respectful to my beloved metal music in Europe, I was not entirely impressed with this release. Due to the drama surrounding these bands and their beginnings, it is no surprise that it took them years to appear in the same place. Did we have to wait until they were too old to fight each other? Maybe, because we definitely waited long enough for their vocals to be old and stale.

With all of that being said, I found the Blu-ray in a pawn shop for four dollars. I can also say that five bucks is probably about the maximum that I would pay for it. As a huge fan of all of these bands, however, owning this is fairly important for my collection. These are four bands that are responsible for my interest in 30 years of metal music after all. I have seen all of them live more than once. Sadly, the old school fans would even say that my mid-late nineties concerts were also outside of the peak of their live efforts.

The bottom line is that I’m glad this show happened and the DVD was put together. I’m glad there is a high quality release with a great picture and stellar sound. The problem is, of course, that the show itself lacks the impressive nature of all of these bands’┬ápast performances. The vocals sound tired and the stage antics are boring. So while it’s cool to own, it’s probably only good for the fanatics.