POE 4 Press Release from Writer, Producer, Director Domiziano Christopharo

POE 4 Press Release from Writer, Producer, Director Domiziano Christopharo

Sep 2, 2017

In 2011 a weird Italian movie was released in USA by the cult label ELITE: 15 international film directors were given the challenge to re-tell and direct Edgar Allan Poe’s most popular terror tales in personal, modern way. They were given the challenge of working under a minute budget with only three days to film. The result was the movie P.O.E. (Poetry Of Eerie).

So, one year before movies like V/H/S or ABC OF DEATH something was happening in Italy, exploring the poetry of one of the most important authors in horror.

The movie had a good distribution, and arrived in cinemas in Italy receiving the X RATED mark: creating a scandal.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m24nrglcm-c

All of this publicity pushed the producer Domiziano Cristopharo into the creation of P.O.E. 2 (Project Of Evil) that in 2012 won as best feature both the FANTAFESTIVAL and TO – HORROR film fest. While the original film’s focus was the poetic and macabre dimension of the infamous Boston author, this sequel focuses instead on the bloody, violent and disturbing sides of it. Illusions released a collector’s edition with 3 different covers in a box that contains DVD+BLURAY and a mediabook.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKS7RvDJsvU

In 2014 only 6 directors released P.O.E. 3 (Pieces Of Eldritch) in a vintage TV studio, where the horror icon Venantino Venantini (City Of Living Dead, Ladyhawke, Cannibal Ferox) read some stories inspired by Poe, with an atmospheres reminiscent of The Twilight Zone. This movie will be distribuited next year by WILDEYE


TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnyb-9JNRe8

THE LAST CHALLENGE arrived in 2017 when Cristopharo decided, with Tony Newton, to create, POE 4 THE BLACK CAT. This anthology has its own challenge: only 3 directors, only 1 story… THE BLACK CAT.
In the first Episode (House of Black Cat) thanks to Chris Milewski (a guy popular on web due to his short films inspired by the cinema of yesteryear. It is our goal to provide fans of the world with refreshing and original movies that don’t follow the trends of today). So thanks to him we re-breath the atmosphere’s of 70’s and 80’s horror, in particular Fulci. In the second segment (Black) we have a typical 90’s horror style by Domiziano Cristopharo that explore and add a real morbid twist to the tale. Last segment is INSOMNIA, filmed in a modern horror style, by the newcomer director BRACE BELTEMPO.

Here brand new in exclusive the third and last promotional clip from the movie POE 4 (actually in post producion) from the segment of Beltempo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcuzn3VfrNc plus 3 exclusive pics.

previous clip from the other segments here:

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