Film Review: The Prophets of Ignorance (2017)

The Prophets of Ignorance is the most recent film from Danish director Kasper Juhl. It is brutal little piece of dark art, combining the best aspects of two of his previous releases. It has the brutal and claustrophobic feel of Madness of Many, which is further enhanced by characters reminiscent of A God Without a Universe.

Juhl has quickly become one of my favorite underground filmmakers to collect. His films are released at fair prices, shipped quickly, and consistently well done. While every film has positives and negatives, his movies are all worth collecting for the fans of underground, extreme, and exploitation cinema. This film in particular would appeal to all three of those people. Of course, in my head, as well as many readers of the site, I am all three of those people.

The film in question takes an exploitative view on party girls and some low level degenerate members of society. The gritty and realistic approach that he takes to filming these characters is an unflinching and honest approach. It brings you close to characters that will make you uncomfortable in your own skin. Similar to the way Kids made people take an introspective look at their most immature selves, this film will bring you closer to your most base human instincts.

The extreme fans will also love this film, especially the second half. The brutality and gore in the final act of this film rivals that of A Perfect Child of Satan. It is up close and in your face torture. He holds back nothing with his use of music, camera angles, and realistic effects work. While Madness of Many managed to be more disturbing in a Lucifer Valentine-ish respect, this one managed to balance shock with story in a memorable fashion.

The underground fan will also appreciate the efficiency of this film. It is obvious that it is a smaller budget film, but it just has a very professional feel in the production department. It has stylized visuals and dreamlike sequences that will remind the “artsy” fans of their favorite surrealist films. My only issue with this film was that there was a decent amount of wait time before the filming style really began to stand out. So with that being said, the first half of the film may begin to drag for some viewers. They need to stick through it though; because, this film has a huge payoff. It is a dark and memorable work of art that you really shouldn’t miss. So go to StoreEnvy and find it at the Hellbound Productions store…right freakin’ now.

Author: Steven Paul

Born and raised in Michigan, slowly dying in Florida. I'm here to keep you informed about everything in the world of indie horror. I also specialize in all genres of exploitation, cult, and extreme cinema. As part owner and Editor of Film and Television for Beneath the Underground, it is my responsibility to provide vast amounts of information for the horror fan and an outlet for the filmmaker.

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