Q&A Interview with Underground enigma: MOSS GARCIA

Q&A Interview with Underground enigma: MOSS GARCIA

Apr 5, 2017

Beneath the Underground sat down (figuratively) with the underground mixtape enigma known as MOSS GARCIA. Little is know about the man behind the trail of mixtapes that he has produced, so we wanted to delve a little deeper into what makes this person tick:

As a little background, Moss makes 13 copies of each mixtape and send about half of them out to a small group of friends who have helped and supported him over the years. The rest of the tapes have been sent out randomly to the first seven people to ask for them. The original 13 tapes get the full DVD case and artwork. So, if you see one of them; you likely have an original. From that point on, Moss relies on people copying them and passing them on. When his “Night Train to Sodom” was released; the idea was that he would send out a certain amount to a group of people from his Facebook friend list and they, in turn, would send copies to a predetermined group of people and so on. It was laid out in such a way that each person had to make two or three copies. These mixtapes were purposefully kept limited to make them hard to find; the hunt has always been a part of the fun.

BTU: Outside of the mixtape releases; are there any more mainstream films that you are involved with?

MG: I’m not actively involved in any films at all, right now.  The closest that I’ve come to mainstream would still be considered underground by the majority of the population.  The best I’ve done is contribute to a few Indiegogo and Kickstarter projects (under a pseudonym).  These are all movies that BTU readers would know about though: the American Guinea Pig series being the most recognizable.  I’ve also been seriously fucked over by a few crowdfunding projects who never delivered…

BTU: What would you consider to be the most disturbing scene in an independent underground release (fictional)?

MG: I have to preface this answer with the fact that I don’t get disturbed by anything fictional in films.  The stuff that disturbs me is the real death footage and I avoid it like the garbage that it is.  I’m going to have to cheat here and give a few of my favorites.  That said, this list is really more of my favorite scenes that the general population would find disturbing.  The murder scene in My Sweet Satan and the home invasion scenes in The Manson Family immediately jump to mind.  No one, absolutely no one, films murder in more insane, frantic, and stylized method than Vanbebber. The Hell scene at the end of The Burning Moon is fucking brutal and amazing.  It’s so crude and beautiful at the same time.  The scene where Chelsea meets Lucifer in A Perfect Child of Satan, before the violence starts, is perfect in every way.  It’s so intense and batshit crazy.  All of Valentine’s Vomit Gore stuff is beautiful though; especially Slaughtered Vomit DollsBouquet of Guts and Gore: the entire thing.

BTU: Have you ever had any obsessed fan try and find you or stalkers?

MG: With the exception of a few icky Facebook stalkers; I’ve not had any trouble of the sort. Fortunately Moss Garcia is not much of a household name. However, if anyone out there is looking to harass me; I accept close-ups of genitals…

BTU: Outside of Fist Pig III and the Holiday Packs, is there anything else in the works?

MG: I will be delving into the world of ultra-low budget film once the Pigs are finished.  I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s what you might expect from me.  It will be X-rated and I hope it will turn most stomachs.

BTU: Do you have any advice for future filmmakers or someone who might want to have a go at creating a mixtape?

MG: I can only give real advice for those interested in making mixtapes, and all of this is based on my opinions and from my experience.  1. Have a central theme for your tape, but be as varied as possible, within that theme, with your materiel. Don’t just throw a bunch of random shit together.  2. Gather waaaay more materiel than you need; you’ll be surprised at how much you don’t use.  For every hour that I’ve assembled; I have at least three hours that I did not use. Use only the best stuff. 3. Plan out your flow in advance, storyboard it, and don’t wing it.  It will show.  4. Music and sound effects are critical in transforming things from just clips to “art”.  Consider making your own music and effects; I’ve done a lot of that in my tapes.  5. I created all of my tapes using Windows Live Movie Maker and Audacity: both free and basic programs. Don’t think you need some amazing software to do this and don’t let it limit your creativity.

BTU: What is your favorite color, food, and what makes you smile?

MG: Color: black (purple is a close second). Food: Italian and Indian. Smile: a well-made cocktail, a free meal, a sunny day, and eating ass. I love eating ass. Seriously.

Additional Questions below were provided by various people in a Q&A that Moss Garcia did on his Facebook account:

Q: How long does it take to make a mixtape?

MG: I’ve now made four tapes: Fist Pig, Night Train to Sodom, Moss Garcia’s Halloween Treat, and A Very Fist Pig Christmas. They take me about an hour of work per minute of final footage. So, they range from 60-90 hours per tape.

Q: When are the holiday specials coming out?

MG: So, the Halloween Special was finished in early 2016 and the Christmas Special was completed two days before Christmas 2016. There is only one copy of the Halloween Special in existence as of right now and it’s been given to a dear, dear friend. As of right now, the Halloween Special ties with Night Train to Sodom as my best work, in my opinion. I screened both of the specials to a very small group of friends and they both were well received. I’d hoped to have them both completed by September of 2016 so that I could send them out as a Holiday 2-Pack. The Christmas Special is really what slid a cock in the ass of those plans. It’s was extremely difficult to put together during the spring and summer; I just wasn’t in the “Holiday Spirit”. So, you can expect both of those next September as a Holiday Pack. I’ll be doing a small contest over the summer to see who gets them.