Short Film Review: COMPUTER HEARTS (2015)

Short Film Review: COMPUTER HEARTS (2015)

May 25, 2015

Computer Hearts 

Hentai Cop Films

Directors: Turner Stewart, Dionne Copland

Rating: 3.5/5

Computer Hearts, a low budget student film, tells the story of a man, Albert, who hates almost every aspect of his life. He hates his job, his fiancé, pretty much everything except for a computer program named Vanessa2. Appropriately named after his fiancé Vanessa, Vanessa2 is the virtual representation of what he really wants in his fiancé.

Slowly losing his grip on reality, Albert sinks into the deep end when the computer program becomes sentient. Vanessa2 becomes jealous of Vanessa and builds a rift in Albert’s mind that enables him to become unraveled. The plot is a little thin in this regard. There is a 60 minute cut of this film which may provide more of the back story needed in order to fully flesh out his character. Everything I saw in the 25 minute “Vanessa2” cut of the film only contained surface level plot which felt a little empty at times.

Quickly spiraling into a David Cronenberg style body horror, Vanessa2 becomes flesh and needs more of it in order to become a physical reality for Albert. The effects are great in this film leading all the way up to the finale. The only effect I take issue with is Albert’s transformation. It felt a little and looks a little too similar to the Cronenberg version of Brundlefly. I laughed when we see the full shot, which I don’t think is a bad thing. All of the visuals are so insanely over-the-top that you cannot help but laugh. Visually, this short film goes to some crazy places.

Computer Hearts is a great small budget entry in one of my favorite subgenres of horror, body-horror. There are some stunning visuals and the commentary on men and how pornography can warp your mind, or at least expectations, when it comes to relationships is something I have not seen before. The editing and cinematography are huge standouts as well as the acting. The score from Graham Trudeau fits the editing in a perfect balance that reminds me of Darren Aronofsky’s Pi and Requiem for a Dream.

This is definitely a recommend, but only for the lovers of extreme. The subject matter and visuals will be way too controversial for the average film goer. Computer Hearts is available in extremely limited quantities from Hentai Cop Films.