Shane Ryan’s Dark Art

Shane Ryan’s Dark Art

Aug 20, 2015


Shane Ryan has had his work featured in numerous areas of the world of horror. His banner above, will take you to his web page. It contains contests, featured work, a store, and a ton more. His work varies across forms of art and genres of horror. You can tell that he has a great respect for the world of horror, as it influences every piece of his work. Artists in the world of horror that influence him are no surprise to the horror connoisseur. These include Tom Sullivan, Paul Booth, H.R Giger, and Clive Barker. Shane Ryan takes these influences and his skills into the art mediums of pencil, digital painting, photo manipulation, 3D modeling. He even does private commissions on tattoo design, pre and post production art, album and book covers, banners and logos, 3D modeling, and become-a-monster portraits.


Born and bred in the small country town of Benalla, tucked away in the Northeast of rural Victoria, Australia. Shane was always one of those kids infatuated with the unknown and what lurks in the darkness of the shadows. By the time he was old enough to pick up a pencil in his creepy little claws, he would already be drawing the strange, bizarre, and evil.

His early inspirations as a child were the evil characters in cartoons, comics, and the glorious horror covers of the 80’s. Things, however, would change forever once he was introduced by his friend’s mother to the world of H.R Giger. Eventually, as Clive Barker burst onto the scene, Shane would find himself discovering his biggest inspiration. From then on Shane did not look back at the work of others; he, instead, decided to surround himself in his own work. Over the next two decades, Shane locked himself away in his dungeon, patiently fine tuning his dark craft.


In 2008 Shane began spreading his horror around the globe. His macabre, yet beautiful, works have since been exhibited at home in Australia.  In the U.S., his works have been seen lurking at shows of the wicked such as Damned II. This is a group exhibition showing works from artists around the globe like Marilyn Manson and Shane’s biggest early inspiration, H.R. Giger. His works have also found homes hiding away in many private collections around the world.


The bizarre and macabre creations of Ryan have also been featured in many genre websites, magazines, and books. He has a feature on (Horror Art From Down Under) and an interview with Scream Horror Magazine. His published works also appear in horror genre books like VHS Video Nasties, The Book Of Tribes, and Stories From The Chapel.

Shane has even been involved in many horror community projects and collaborations. He has created art for the Fix The Chapel movement, a fund raiser that successfully raised 50K to restore the chapel from the opening scene of Night Of The Living Dead. He also created art for the keepsake book (The Book Of The Tribes) which was part of the campaign to bring Clive Barker’s Night Breed: The Cabal Cut to Australia.


His reign of horror will certainly not end there, as he continues to bring his unique style of horror art into the the homes of more unsuspecting horror fans. He works hard to continues his quest to one day design the next big horror icon. He also wants to prepares to release his first series of grotesque horror figures and bizarre sculpted wall art. Be on the look out for his work, and check out his website through the link above.

Artist Statement:

“As a horror artist for over the last two decades i have always striven to bring my own style, techniques, visionary imagination and visual voice to my work. As a horror fan for just as long i have craved to contribute to the industry, to the fans and to one day become a house hold name within the horror genre. I will continue to always better my last efforts, to broaden the mediums and tools at my disposal, to continue to forge new friendships and working relationships within the industry and to continue to push the boundaries of style, innovation and design.”