Short Film/Music Review: Anderwelt-Trinity of Decay (2018)

Short Film/Music Review: Anderwelt-Trinity of Decay (2018)

Jan 28, 2018

Sodom and Chimera Productions has burst onto the American Underground film scene with their upcoming film Flesh of the Void. It is a film from director and founder James Quinn. Little did I know, that the roots of this company actually spread throughout the world of photography and metal music video production.

Trinity of Decay is the short film/music video from the Doom Metal band Anderwelt. It is a great little example of the dark art in this type of metal. As for the film, it has James Quinn’s stamp of amazing black and white photography all over it. From the man in the plague mask to the decent into the woods, the art-house cinematography is there.

As for the music, it is great stuff for the fans of the Black and Doom Metal Genres. They will appreciate the fast guitar and raspy growling vocals. Although I had never heard of this band, I could definitely listen to more. Their tone is really dark. Their vocals aren’t annoyingly unclear like some Death Metal, but still hold onto enough anger and brutality for fans of most metal sub-genres.

You can check out the band’s Facebook and YouTube channels below. Strangely enough, this could be a good place to go for filmmakers and fans of the horror genre. Watching this video sent me down a rabbit hole of searches for metal videos. You can find some really cool and dark shit just by watching some short music videos. I will even go ahead and start you off with one right here, today. If you appreciate this stylistic decent into madness, you may find yourself on a multi-hour YouTube binge like I did.