Short Film Review: GOODNIGHT, GRACIE (2017)

Short Film Review: GOODNIGHT, GRACIE (2017)

Sep 27, 2017

GOODNIGHT GRACIE is a 4 minute short written and directed by Stellan Kendrick that takes a suspenseful look at childhood, religion and a man with a big axe.

Eight year old Gracie is a devout Catholic, so when she finds her stepfather taking an axe to her mother, she resorts to prayer rather fighting back. Can this save her, will some divine intervention smite her attacker or will she be joining her mother in heaven?

Surprisingly suspenseful and with a couple of good jumps GOODNIGHT GRACIE is what a short of it’s length should be direct and to the point. The shots of the mother’s corpse are suitably gory as well.

GOODNIGHT GRACIE been chosen for this year’s Stiges Festival where it will have it’s world premiere with showings at the San Antonio Horrific Film Festival and the NYC Horror Film Festival and other festivals following. See it if it plays near you.