Sodom & Chimera Productions release TEARS OF APOLLO stills

Sodom & Chimera Productions release TEARS OF APOLLO stills

Apr 27, 2018

Statement by director James Quinn:

We’re finally able to share the first official stills of our upcoming horror short ‘Tears of Apollo‘. The footage came back and the first cut is finished.

“I’ve been wanting to do a 70s throwback flick for a long time. You have to know, I actually really detest a lot of the modern films that try to imitate a 70s or 80s look and feel. Most of them are shot on DSLRs, with a flickery grain and scratches overlay laid over the entire film, which, to me, has not once looked convincing. For Tears of Apollo, we didn’t just shoot on 16mm, I made sure to use high ISO stock to get the most grain out of it, which was also digitally accentuated, as well as using lens filters and very specific color grading to get the vintage colors I wanted. I was looking for something like Last House on the Left, paired with a couple of cleaner shots that remind of old 35mm horror flicks from the 70s. This is what came out.

Tears of Apollo really is unlike anything I’ve ever done. It’s very traditional and not at all experimental, even though it’s still a little more complex in terms of structure. There’s a lot of dialogue, which is unusual for my work. It’s also the first film I’ve ever made that’s entirely in color.

The whole story is really bleak and depressing, though there are quite a few darkly comedic moments too. I really can’t wait to get this out to festivals.

A trailer should come sometime soon. Stay tuned”