Stephen Biro of Unearthed Films teases A RECORD OF SWEET MURDER release

Per President of Unearthed Films Stephen Biro via Facebook: “Are you ready for the next level? 2018 has so many surprises. I can’t wait to announce them all. Working with so many fantastic film directors and companies worldwide. I am just in awe…

Accompanying this comment was the trailer for Director Kôji Shiraishi’s 2014 release A RECORD OF SWEET MURDER (aka Aru yasashiki satsujinsha no kiroku).

Kôji Shiraishi is the Director of 2005’s NOROI: THE CURSE and 2009’s GROTESQUE.

Soyeon, an active journalist, receives a call from a serial killer. Revealing himself as Soyeon’s childhood friend Sangjoon, he is a fugitive on the run after escaping a mental institute and killing 18 people. His request is surprisingly a personal interview. Agreeing to help her friend redeem himself, Soyeon does as requested and brings a Japanese cameraman to the killer’s hideout. Sangjoon threatens the cameraman to record everything in one continuous cut as he explains the reasons for the murders.
From murder to rape, confusion and terror, Soyeon desperately tries to make sense of the situation and prevent a terrible fate.


Could A RECORD OF SWEET MURDER be a future release for Unearthed Films? Wait and see.

Author: Nick DeCarlo

Fan, Critic, Distributor, IT Professional, loving Father/Husband (and miserably failed former hardcore musician) Nick DeCarlo is the Founder of Beneath The Underground and BTU Films. Nick has been a horror fan since his first theatrical viewing experience of Motel Hell (1980).

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