Steven’s Stupid Cinema Stash Synopsis: Female Trouble (1974)

I don’t always pre-order films from The Criterion Collection; but when I do, John Waters is usually involved. Adding Female Trouble to their catalog, after the addition of Multiple Maniacs awhile back, makes me excited to see what else they may have up their sleeve.

Female Trouble is the story of Dawn Davenport’s rise from super-bitchy-spoiled-teenage-rape victim to single mother/serial criminal. In normal Divine, Lochary, and Waters fashion the film gets dirtier and more disturbing as it progresses from one bizarre and absurd situation to another.

Like the Multiple Maniacs transfer, this one is working with some pretty rough footage. Criterion, however, did a very good job bringing this film to modern day BD format. It is a welcome to addition to my cult film collection, and it just happens to be a Criterion release. It it like Waters says in the special features, “Criterion can make anything look good”.

So aside from a few issues with picture quality and sound (which were all completely expected, due to the source material), there aren’t many negatives to talk about here. When it comes to Criterion some people complain about packaging and some about the amount of special features. I feel like most of the time, they are being pretty nit-picky though.

This release actually has lots of really entertaining interviews and lost footage from the film. John Waters, himself, says that this is his favorite film in one of these interviews. While I’m not sure if it’s my favorite, it’s definitely in the top 3, and one of my favorite Criterion releases of the year.

Author: Steven Paul

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