Steven’s Stupid Stash Synopsis: The Blue Underground Killer Thrillers Collection

Steven’s Stupid Stash Synopsis: The Blue Underground Killer Thrillers Collection

Jul 4, 2018

Blue Underground has taken multiple routes when it comes to packaging their releases over the years. Films that were given DVD releases back in the day sometimes received the BD upgrade. Many of these individual releases also got put into Midnight Movie sets ranging from two to five films. The Killer Thrillers collection is a set I recently picked up for less than twenty bucks when they were on sale through Deep Discount. 

I already owned the film that many people consider to be the cult masterpiece of the set, Baba Yaga. While I don’t go to those lengths in describing the film, I do appreciate its style and significance in regard to this era of exploitation cinema.

The other two films were movies that I had researched and almost purchased individually in the past. Luckily enough, I held out and got them in this set for way cheaper than they would have been on their own. Night Train Murders may as well be called Italian Last House on the Left on a Train. It is a cash grab copycat if I’ve ever seen one; however, it had its moments of bizarre violence that fans of exploitation, and even Giallo, would probably appreciate.

I found Strip Nude for Your Killer to be the hidden gem in the set, because it was better than I expected it to be. Starring Edwige Feneche and directed by Andrea Bianchi, this twisted film takes a brutal look into the world of fashion models and their sexual excursions.

In the end, the label collectors, BD upgraders, and fans of seventies exploitation films will love this set. It has a nice balance of obscure and well known films, actors, and filmmakers. I would definitely keep an eye out for this one, it’s a great value buy.