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BENEATH THE UNDERGROUND is an independent horror website, which was established in 2014. As one of the premiere independent underground horror genre websites BENEATH THE UNDERGROUND is always seeking charismatic, social people with a vast knowledge of independent underground genre cinema and art.

Are you a writer or critic with a vast knowledge of independent underground genre cinema who wants exposure? BENEATH THE UNDERGROUND is always on the lookout for emerging independent genre writing talents, and genre specific critics.

• Writing articles for the website
• Writing reviews  for the website
• Video reviews for the website
• Sharing independent genre news

If interested, please contact Beneath The Underground for more information.

*Note: All positions at BENEATH THE UNDERGROUND are non-paying and are done strictly for passion and love of independent underground genre cinema and art.

Submissions of News, Screeners, Films to BENEATH THE UNDERGROUND

• We exist only as a Web page, Facebook Group, and Twitter accounts so please keep that in mind when you submit articles.
• We accept previously published material but would rather you send  material to be used on the BTU website exclusively and not for your personal blog.
• Read at least a few articles on the website to see if it makes sense to submit something. We are extremely selective and can only publish a handful of the submissions we receive.
• You own the copyright on your work, but you must be willing to let it be reproduced without charge in course packets or other teaching uses.
• Do a typo/error and fact check before you submit. BTU cannot be responsible for spelling errors or incorrect information submitted.
• With any submission, please include a statement if it has not been published previously.
• No plagiarism. If you are found to plagiarize your work will be removed.
• If you submit images with your post, please either use screenshots or make sure the images are public domain or qualify as fair use.
• By submitting any review, film, photos or any media related information you are the responsible party for any legal recourse that could happen, not Beneath The Underground LLC or it’s affiliates.
• If you are submitting a Review or Film please ensure you abide by any and all copyright laws. If submitting a screener copy for review you MUST be the owner of said material.

Please submit your material to Beneath The Underground

Submissions of Literature to BENEATH THE UNDERGROUND:

At this time, BENEATH THE UNDERGROUND is no longer accepting written works for review. As the site continues to grow, we have become inundated with submissions. As always, we are wanting to collaborate and support the horror community. If you would like to post a news article on your recent release or re-release, post an excerpt, run a contest, or similar, please contact us at the admin email: Beneath The Underground