TEARS OF APOLLO from Sodom & Chimera Productions – First Official Teaser Photo

Not a lot has been said about Sodom & Chimera Productions new upcoming short film ‘Tears of Apollo’. They are going to leave it at that for now. What they are going to show you is this though. The first official promo poster of the film.

The official start of post production is getting closer, though at the moment we still have to be patient. First stills and a trailer will be revealed in time. Stay tuned for this. This is a very atypical film for Sodom & Chimera Productions, in that it’s a lot more traditional and narrative than their others, marking their first film that consists mostly of dialogue. Don’t let that get your hopes down though. This might be one of their most soul draining and mysterious ones yet. You’ll see why once they reveal more. Stay tuned.

Author: Nick DeCarlo

Fan, Critic, Distributor, IT Professional, loving Father/Husband (and miserably failed former hardcore musician) Nick DeCarlo is the Founder of Beneath The Underground and BTU Films. Nick has been a horror fan since his first theatrical viewing experience of Motel Hell (1980).

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