“Beneath The Underground is dedicated to distribution, promotion, and marketing of truly independent films. The company strives to support both fans and filmmakers of the underground horror scene. There is some real passion on display here – and I’m eager to see the evolution of this company over the coming months.”

Eric Stanze
“Ice From The Sun”, “Scrapbook”, “China White Serpentine”

“We as fans of the Horror Underground now have a place to support the next generation of filmmakers and their works. I’m excited to see what the future brings and especially what lays Beneath The Underground”

-Fred Vogel
TOETAG Pictures
“August Underground Trilogy”, “Redsin Tower”, “Maskhead”…

“Beneath The Underground is like having a hip friend who has their finger on the pulse of the best and brightest in underground horror. It’s how I get my news on what’s cool in the scene.”

-Sylvia Soska
Twisted Twins Productions
“Dead Hooker In A Trunk”, “American Mary”…

“After a positive festival run, my film Morris County sat on the proverbial shelf for nearly five years…and then Nick DeCarlo and Beneath The Underground came along and changed everything. Thanks to a successful limited DVD run through BTU Films, my film not only found an audience, but a passionate community that rallied behind it and were directly responsible for the film ultimately finding a home with Unearthed Films, one of the top distributors of underground horror cinema. God is dead, but BTU has been a goddamned blessing.”

Matt Garrett
“Morris County”, “Beating Hearts”

“Beneath the Underground is quickly becoming the new home for filmmakers who are off the beaten path and far beyond the radar.”

-Marcus Koch
Director, EFX Artist
“100 Tears”, “Fell”, “Rot”, “American Guinea Pig: BLOODSHOCK”

“I have found a home not only as a filmmaker but a fan of the genre we live for.”

Ryan Nicholson
“Gutterballs”, “Torched”, “Collar”…

“Beneath the Underground is a passionate collective of horror fans and collectors who helped us out tremendously. BTU allowed us to connect with fans and increase awareness of our movie in ways no other website or forum could. No horror or underground filmmaker has to wonder where their audience is anymore. They’re at Beneath the Underground.”

Scott Schirmer

“Beneath the Underground helped me sell lots of smutty filth to underage weirdos whose parents are going to find it under their beds after they die while jerking off and judge them accordingly. Your children are a disgrace and its all your fault. P.S. Farmer Vincent is cool and stuff.”

-Jimmy Screamerclauz
“Where The Dead Go To Die”, “When Black Birds Fly”

“Beneath the underground is the movement I’ve been waiting years for. The amount of extremely talented, smart, creative, and ambitious people involved is astonishing. A place, a home, to be honest, get advice, give and receive support, and share your love of horror with film makers, friends, and fans alike. And the film makers are fans of each other’s work! It is a family… It’s long overdue that we take back the industry we have all done our parts to create. When BTU gathers it’s troops and starts this revolution, heads are going to roll. Literally I hope. I am so proud and humbled to be a part of it. Take over the world & let the blood flow!”

Ruby LaRocca
“Presidents Day”, “Bone Sickness”, “Belated By Valentine’s Lover”, “Sociopathia”

“Beneath The Underground is rising! A site that both promotes indie, underground horror movies and inspires them to be made right from the core! Highly recommended for an awesome, interactive community!”

– Tim Ritter
“Truth Or Dare”, “Hi-8”

“Finally, someone believes in us & helps spread the word the RIGHT way.”

-Rob Dimension
“Baggage”, “No Clowning Around”

“Beneath the Underground provides an outlet to get the latest info on releases, projects and ideas. I don’t know what the fuck I would do without it.”

– Keith Voigt