Film Review: THE CAMPUS (2018)

Film Review: THE CAMPUS (2018)

Jan 31, 2018

From Gas Money Pictures, comes the newest release from indie horror director, editor, and producer  J. Horton. It centers around a young woman who is punished for the sins of her father. In order to repay his debt to the devil, Morgan (Rachel Amanda Bryant), must re-live multiple violent situations involving death and dismemberment.

I’m not gonna lie, the first fifteen or twenty minutes had me fooled. I thought it was going to be like that very forgettable movie with Dominic Purcell from like ten years ago. Gravedancers? Anyway, the funeral scenes, flashbacks, and stereotypical conversations of grief and regret had me groaning; but, they tricked me. It got a lot better.

Usually the story of this type of review starts with the writer saying that there was an interesting opening twenty minutes that eventually fell apart and ruined everything. This one, however, has a really nice build up. The film isn’t supernaturally frightful and full of jump scares, that the poster would suggest. It also isn’t a CGI laden torture film that the short synopsis on IMDB may suggest. Instead it is a film with intense practical effects and an original story. I really like what they did with the re-birth concept and deterioration of body and soul. I thought this film did things that gore fans will truly appreciate. There is an eye scene, for instance, that has all the low budget practical effects charm surrounded with a higher level of production value.

Of course, production value is becoming more and more subjective everyday. This move was made for half-a-million dollars. That’s a ridiculous budget for underground fans. Of course, there are plenty of million dollar movies out there that are an absolute travesty to filmmaking. So with that being said, this movie is efficient as hell for its budget. It looks like a million dollar movie and has enough depravity and handmade goodness for the low-budget snobs out there as well.


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