Film Review: THE FORLORNED (2017)

Film Review: THE FORLORNED (2017)

Oct 2, 2017

When a company misspells the name of it’s own movie on the screener’s Vimeo page that is not a good omen, so I was a bit concerned when I sat down to watch THE FORLORNED and saw it spelled as “Forlormed” and that it had sat like that for 4 months. Thankfully in this case it was a false omen as THE FORLORNED is a genuinely creepy ghost story.

Tom (Colton Christensen TREASURE STATE) accepts a job restoring an old lighthouse, a job none of the locals want due to the evil reputation of the island it sits on. Confronted with strange goings on almost from the moment he arrives he’s soon hitting the bottle and doubting his sanity. However it becomes apparent that something is on the island, something will very ill intent. With the mysterious arrival of Amy (Elizabeth Mouton DEAD NOON) the daughter of a previous caretaker it becomes a life or death matter, with the fate of not just the living but of the island’s trapped souls at stake.

The script by Ryan Reed, Angela Townsend and director Andrew Wiest based on a novel by Townsend is far from original, mixing in ghosts, creepy dolls, possession and a huge chunk of backstory that will be familiar to anyone who’s seen THE FOG. But they present it at a fast enough pace and back it with enough creepy visuals and inventive bursts of gore that it works. Certainly some of the non gore effects could have used some work, especially some dodgy CGI but it’s far from the worst out there.

A lot of the film involves Tom alone in the lighthouse dealing with the various goings on, and Christensen deserves a lot of credit for carrying it off. Cory Dangerfield as local bartender Murphy and Robert Bear as the ironically named Tough provide great support and a bit of comic relief with their bar room tales.

THE FORLORNED is a great film for a chilly afternoon, a fast watch that will hold your attention and get a night of movie watching started. It’s not a classic, but it is fun.

Midnight Releasing will make THE FORLORNED available October 3rd on Amazon Instant, iTunes, Xbox, Vimeo, Steam, Vudu, Google Play and other platforms.