Top Indie Films of 2015

Top Indie Films of 2015

Jan 3, 2016

The links in this post will take you to the reviews of the films we have done for this site. You will get lost in this post. Have fun.



This film, by James Bell, was my favorite film of the year. Although it is not a feature length film, it was the most haunting, stylized, and effective half hour I have seen in a very long time.


Death-Scort Service: This movie is just so fucked it cannot be denied. It has one scene that has messed with my head ever since my first viewing.


Headless: Headless was huge in the indie world this past year. Since it is the real movie based on the fake movie that was in Found, everyone wanted to see it. I absolutely loved it.


We Are Still Here: While I did not review this film, two other people on this site did. I saw it and loved it. It takes the haunted house film to a whole new level, and has a great ending.


Lights, Camera, Blood: This Canadian homage to the great Herschell Gordon Lewis, is a low-budget film that flew way below the radar this year. Find it and see it.


Tales of Poe: Someone is really missing out on this one. At least two writers for this site cannot believe there has not been more hype around this film. It combines gore and style in a beautiful way.


The Inhabitants: Another haunted house movie that truly impressed me this year was The Inhabitants. I usually don’t get into these types of films; but, now I know there are at least two good ones out there.


Agoni: Like James Bell, Ryan Vincent Logsdon is a young filmmaker that we all need to keep our eyes on. He is a very promising artist, and Agoni was one of the best indies of the year.


The Confession of Fred Krueger: This was a free fan film released earlier this year. It stayed true to the Krueger mythology and did everything a prequel should do. As a Freddy Krueger fanatic, I needed this film to happen.


Morbid: Directed by Chuck Conry, this film rivals Sledge as one of my top horror comedies of recent years.


Devil of Kreuzberg: This is a haunting and stylized foreign indie, that will remind the viewer that horror is alive and well worldwide.


Skumbagz: This is a sleazy and violent trek through the dregs of society…yep it’s good.


Hobo with a Trashcan: Horror around the world continues, with this European anthology film. It is a strangely memorable trip.


Wyrmwood: I feel like this had the biggest budget on the list, and may hardly be an indie in the eyes of some. It is, however, a Netflix film that I actually liked. It is a lesser known Australian film that reminded me that not everything on Netflix is terrible.


Aimy in a Cage: This is only number fifteen because it isn’t really a horror movie. It is, however, a psychological science fiction trip, directed by the man who could possibly be the next Terry Gilliam.

4 from ’14 features films that I saw and reviewed this year. They technically had 2014 releases; but, they are still some of the best I saw this year.


Pieces of Talent: This film fucking rocks. I saw it, along with one of my other favorites of 2014, at the Housecore Horror Film Festival.


Sledge: This is one of my favorite horror comedies of all time.


Collar: Everyone loves Gutterballs. I think this is an underappreciated Ryan Nicholson film that may even be my favorite. It is dark and disgusting, just like the real world.


American Guinea Pig: This is the first installment of the series and a perfect transition piece. Watch for my most anticipated films list, where the sequel to Bouquet of Guts and Gore is front and center.