Latched is a cool little short that will be the Opening Film at the  TIFF Short Cuts 06 program. It is a creepy short with really cool creature effects. I (along with the creators I’d assume) really had an appreciation for the score. It really creates a nice atmosphere in a frightening film. The composer (Vivien Villani) will also be attending the Toronto International Film Festival 2017; so if you can attend, it would probably be a cool experience.



Public Screening 1:

Sunday Sept. 10, 9:30 PM @Scotiabank, Cinema 13

259 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3M6

Vivien Villani will be available for photo ops and interviews before and after the screening.

Public Screening 2:

Saturday Sept. 16, 6:45PM @Scotiabank, Cinema 8 

259 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3M6

For more information about Vivien Villani and to follow his work, please visit the following links:

Official website:


Directed and Produced by

Justin Hardin and Rob Brunner

Scored by Vivien Villani

Log Line
Newly-single mom Alana (Alana Elmer) and her 14-month-old son Bowen (Bowen Harding) are alone in the off-season on an island cottage, with only a strange old neighbour (Peter Higginson) for company.

Latched is a short film with a feature-length sensibility. Its score was created by composer Vivien Villani, who conducted original music with a 19-piece orchestra.

Author: Steven Paul

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