Film Review: VICTIMS! (1985)

Film Review: VICTIMS! (1985)

Sep 24, 2017

Slasher // Video has found some crazy stuff to release over the past years. Their dedication to the films of Nick Millard is astounding. I’m quite the fan of both Death Nurse films, even though they are pretty much the same film. I also really like Killer Workout and Shock ‘Em Dead. Their more modern releases are responsible for putting the work of Paul Ragsdale  (Streets of Vengeance and Cinco de Mayo) out there for all to see.

So with all of that being said, I was pretty pumped for this obscure Blu-ray restoration. Sadly, my excitement was quickly extinguished. You see, this was a blind buy. I only bought this because of the reputation that I had in my mind for this company. I also like to support and collect catalogues from the smaller labels. As far as the purchase goes, I guess less than ten bucks in the Amazon Warehouse isn’t a complete loss. It is a Blu and it is fairly rare.

In regard to the film itself, however, I was disappointed with certain aspects from the start. It came from very low quality source material. I’m used to this with SOV era restorations and many of the obscurities that get pieced together from film and VHS masters. This one was worse than most though. When it was dark, it was very dark. The sound was of lower than poor quality throughout. I hope that this is just a slight hiccup with this company, because I do love their stuff.

As far as most slasher/revenge films go. This movie seemed to be a decent example of a low budget homage film. It looked back at films like Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes. I enjoyed the mental and physical torture aspects that this film employed. I do, of course, think it could have used more gore. It had a decent story and a nihilistic twist ending that people like myself will appreciate. Sadly enough, it is the quality of the transfer that may turn off most collectors.