Video Film Review: When Black Birds Fly (2016)

When Black Birds Fly (2016)
Reviewed by: Tanner Toobach


Synopsis: Heaven is a beautiful, clean suburban paradise. Every block is populated by lush trees and lovely row homes. People are free to roam and do whatever they please, as long as they follow one simple rule: DO NOT communicate with “The Evil One” that dwells on the other side of a giant wall that circles the town, which is under 24 hour surveillance by a team of soldiers wearing gas masks. The ruler of the town is a man named Caine, who plasters images of himself all around town, insisting that his citizens trust and love him. A small child becomes obsessed with the seemingly increasing flocks of black birds that populate the town. One day after chasing one he discovers a talking kitten with a broken leg, who begs Marius and his classmate Eden to crawl through a hole in the wall to help her. The kids decide to do it and she repays them by introducing them to a brightly colored fruit that grows wildly on the other side of the wall. After consuming it the kitten brings them to meet the Evil One, who attempts to teach them the forbidden knowledge that Caine is hiding from them all.


Author: Tanner Toobach

Tanner Toobach has always been a fan of the absurd. Without a cult movie section in his local video store, as a child he would travel to various video stores across the midwest with his mother to take pictures of their cult movie sections, to use as a guide to the more unusual side of cinema. Childhood favorites included CRY-BABY, BACHELOR PARTY and the wonderfully weird, HOLD ME THRILL ME KISS ME. (one of the most unrated cult films of all time) Tanner has been a fan of horror since his first viewing of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 at the age of 6. In a bratty rage he threw a fit refusing to get a haircut. His mother said, “Alright, if you get your haircut you can go to Video Visions and pick out any movie you want.” “Anything!?” He replied, with Freddy 3 already in his mind. “Anything” she replied, and 3 hours later his life was changed. Next to the bald woman/head in the book from THE CARE BEARS movie, Freddy Kruger was Tanners first big crush. Tanner has been making movies since he was in first grade, the first being NIGHTMARE ON LIZZARD CREEK, a Freddy Kruger based horror film. And he never stopped. Over the years his films have progressed into tasteless, no holds barred, twisted horror comedies. Explicit and disgusting his films will cross every line imaginable, and keep going. There is nothing he loves more than making movies, and entertaining an audience with sick yet funny material. Which he is currently doing with his show Unboxed Watched and Reviewed. Known by many names, Tanner Toobach, James, and Summerset is an outspoken individual recognized for his light hearted yet often disgusting look at some of the nastiest films in existence. Tanner takes on the conventional movie review with a new and original approach, delivering two narrative styles during each review. One being a real time commentary while he watches the material, mixed in simultaneously with his afterthoughts brought to you in a classic movie review style. Weak stomached, sarcastic, seemingly manic, and always charming,Tanner creates reviews that are said to be like short films within themselves. While the show is vulgar and crude, Tanner James Summerset Toobach is the nicest asshole you will ever meet!

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