Video Film Review: MONTRAK – MEISTER DER VAMPIRE (2002)

Author: HardGore Core

Mister Core was raised in the Pittsburgh area the majority of his life. HARDGORE grew up watching the Romero films and found a deep love in gore and splatter films. His teenage years he spent most of his time playing in a punk metal band but that was short lived. As Core got older his love for cinema became stronger over the years and he became a collector of VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray. Mainly collecting horror and gore films. His collection grew over the years so he wanted to share his knowledge of gore films with others so he started the Hardgore Core Facebook page in 2014 and started writing reviews on gore and splatter cinema. Hardgore started a YouTube channel shortly after that and did video review instead of writing reviews. His video reviews are currently on The BTU webpage. He has countless film credits in Underground gore cinema such as Nake Zombie girl, Headless, American Guinea Pig, and many others. Also he has acted in a few films like Timo Rose’s Nature Series, Ron Bonk’s Empire State of the dead. Core is currently helping out with a remake of Night of the living dead :Genesis, and directing his own film the Sideling Hill with hopes to have it completed sometime in 2016.

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