Sep 13, 2018

IMDb: Black Mass of the Nazi Sex Wizard [aka Vomit Gore 4]
Director: Lucifer Valentine
Stars: Sister S., Chalice, Heather Cage

A few weeks ago I stopped adding ratings to the films and books that I reviewed. The thought process behind this goes down multiple tracks. The first one being that I don’t feel comfortable placing such a constrained limit on something, especially something that is my opinion. Most films, particularly art, cannot be relegated to scale. To do so is to limit the art itself. Films that are abstract and tell a nonlinear story make it impossible to sum up in one viewing. The other reason is that I don’t want some idiot to not see a movie because I only gave it three stars. My job as a reviewer isn’t to prevent someone from seeing something. I simply want to share my experience of watching the film and my own personal perspective.

That being said, Vomit Gore 4 Black Mass of the Nazi Sex Wizard is a film that is nonlinear in its structure and is designed as art. The film has a very loose idea of a plot and Black Lava can some it up more eloquently than I:

“Vomit Gore 4 is the prequel to Lucifer Valentine’s Vomit Gore Trilogy. In this demonic labyrinth we experience the satanic ritual which spawns endless incarnations of Angela Aberdeen, as she is doomed to live out her haunted existence of the eternal “lost girl”. One dark, cold Christmas night, we enter Angela’s kingdom of hell, and witness her tortured mutations as we descend deeper into her satanic netherworld of the black mass of the Nazi sex wizard.”

On the surface, Vomit Gore 4, much like the other films in the original trilogy, looks like a snuff film. The candid angles of Valentine’s camera gives the appearance of home videos recovered from a crime scene. The vomiting is real. The bondage is real. The gore is fake. The film has multiple disclaimers at the start of the film. They serve to remind people that this is only a movie and the actresses involved were not forced to do anything. That being said, you’ll pause this film and reflect on that disclaimer at multiple points. This is a film, certainly not entertainment, which is assembled with the air of realism. The argument of whether or not Valentine’s films are entertainment or not is one that has been debated for years and will continue to do so. As stated earlier, I do not find Vomit Gore 4 to be entertaining, however, I do find it to be art.

Valentine has constructed a film that is brimming with social political commentary. The theme of parents and their childrearing are consistent throughout this film. The scarring nature of child stardom and pageantry are hard to ignore. [Redacted sentence]. The themes and imagery doesn’t stop there as vomit gets into the mix. Again, people will only see the shock if that is what they are looking for. I urge anyone watching this film to dig a little deeper.

Not only is Valentine sharing his message and using social political commentary, he also uses the imagery of literary references. The shots of laying in the water are clear reference to Shakespeare’s Ophelia. This imagery is used multiple times throughout the film in reference to transformation, the other major theme of this film. It also begs the question as to whether or not Angela Aberdeen was crazy. Much like in Hamlet, Angela’s sanity depends on the reader, or viewer, as it were.

Returning to discussion on the technical aspects of this film, Valentine is growing exponentially as a filmmaker. The home video master/slave sequences feel like a true voyeuristic perversion. The effect is hypnotic. As the editing bounces around in seemingly well timed cuts, the score to the film fills you with dread. To even more effect are the perfect moments when the score pulls away. The drone sounds coupled with feedback and other effects heighten the sense of dread that permeates with every scene. Not to be outdone, the sounds effects and overall sound design to this film outshine any gory or violent scene. These are the types of sounds that would make you wretch even if you were unable to see what was happening.

Between the Satanist metaphors, literary imagery, and philosophical pondering, Vomit Gore 4 is much more than the type of film it will be labeled as. The ideas surrounding this film are not easily present and will only be rewarded to those that are willing to look past the torture porn, gore and fetishism. Valentine may not be out front with his ideas but they are certainly there and will be more achievable to understand upon multiple viewings. If you are reading this article and know what you are getting into then this is a must see film. If you have never heard of Lucifer Valentine or his Vomit Gore films then this may not be for you. For those that are looking for a thought provoking and challenging horror film that will push boundaries, as well as your comfort level, look no further. This is Valentine’s best work to date that tells a deeper story than previous efforts. To me, this is art, unquantifiable on a rating system. It’s not as fun as a slasher or as scary as a monster movie but it will challenge you. In this genre, making a film that challenges my thoughts and preconceived notions is about as high of a compliment as I can give.