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We polled the Facebook group for Beneath the Underground ( to find out which of independent underground horror Director Lucifer Valentine’s films were their favorite from Best to Worst. Lucifer Valentine is the infamous Director who coined the genre of “Vomit Gore” and dragged the world of independent underground horror kicking and screaming by their hair into their deepest darkest nightmares. At the end of these results we have quotes direct from Lucifer Valentine that were made as the polling was taking place.

We collected the first 100 votes that came in from the die-hard extreme gore fans, and without further adieu here are the results:

#1. reGOREgitated SACRIFICE
41 Votes

Synopsis: A girl with disturbing hallucinations continues her downward spiral into hell. Not for the faint of heart.


25 Votes

Synopsis: A lonely, vulnerable girl excitedly prepares for her big date with the “man of her dreams” whom she met on the internet but has not yet met in person.


17 Votes

Synopsis: Unflinchingly documents the dark realities of despair and morbid self annihilation surrounding the lives of five heroin junkies. The addicts’ intertwining stories of pain, loss, sadness, and abandonment lead the viewer down the agonizing and hideous path of horrifying psychological and spiritual destruction as the grim disease of heroin addiction infects and decays the bodies and minds of five young people.


9 Votes

Synopsis: The gruesome tapestry of psychological manifestations of a nineteen year old bulimic runaway stripper-turned prostitute as she descends into a hellish pit of satanic nightmares and hallucinations.


5 Votes

Synopsis: The prequel to Lucifer Valentine’s Vomit Gore Trilogy. In this demonic labyrinth we experience the satanic ritual which spawns endless incarnations of Angela Aberdeen, as she is doomed to live out her haunted existence of the eternal “lost girl”. One dark, cold Christmas night, we enter Angela’s Kingdom of Hell, and witness her tortured mutations as we descend deeper into her satanic netherworld of the black mass of the nazi sex wizard.


3 Votes

Synopsis: A bulimic prostitute talks about her deranged childhood while being sexually tortured.


Comments (unedited) from Director Lucifer Valentine during the live poll:

i guess it really comes down to what KINDS of scenes get to you in my movies , like theres flat out gore for its brutality (and RS definitely has a lot of those), and then theres gore scenes that are surreal (like the tarantula in the pussy in RS and arm amputation in SVD) then there’s more over the top shocking/surreal scenes without gore/prosthetics like the cruci-fucking in STPC and eating the cricket cake, hank skinny almost gets his own sub-category with his human puke fountain/puke re-drinker scenes (like the re-drinking from SVD i remember initially got to a lot of viewers and made them gag and in RS re-drinking from the head-goblet sitting on satan’s throne), and then there’s a lot of “biographical” scenes with ameara/angela that i personally love that are often heartbreaking and emotional as she tells her personal story, i also like “Pact/monologue scenes and even the JonBinet Ramsey Note reading in VG4 falls into this category too, because those scenes convey a lot of deeper subtext to the overall ideas in all my movies in general so to me those carry a lot of “info” that people often crave . . . . haha well i remember SVD a lot cuz it was the first one and i guess its imprinted in my brain and i LOVED filming ameara at my friends penthouse cuz it was such a nice place and he had no idea we were filming a movie in there and i also really loved filming ameara in a real strip club dancing — the songs she danced to were “i put a spell on you” by marilyn manson and “fuck the pain away” by peaches

a perfect child of satan was definitely memorable for me too, since the movie itself was a literal blind date, i absolutely LOVED seeing the expression on chelsea chainsaw’s face when she first met me on camera during her first scene with me , that is totally imprinted on my brain and i can still remember and feel that perfectly to this day, it was very exhilarating to shoot that part cuz chelsea was so awesome to do the real blind date aspect with me AND still be “acting” in the most important scene of the movie haha really blurs the lines there which makes me happy since thats the idea of the whole movie — meaning , the way people “act” in their behaviors and ways in which they present themselves online,especially on dating sites, is often nothing like how they are in real life and can sometimes be , um . . . . devastating .

biggest turn-on scenes for me sexually in my movies: i’ve been axed this question a LOT over the years . . . the #1 biggest turn on scene for me in all my movies so far is: hope puking a metric ton of black “charcoal” into a toilet in STPC , #2 hope puking onto the crucifix in the cruci-fucking scene in STPC, #3 the “step-mom” puking onto isabelle styles’ face (the “stepdaughter”) in RS, #4 is Sister S and Chalice puking together into a sink at the beginning of VG4 (this is the first scene in the movie where you see together) #5 the “we cum blood” scene in RS (yes this idea was named after and “came” from the cannibal corpse song) where ameara is covered in ejaculated blood, #6 hope puking like mad in the “blood shots” scene (with all the shot glasses lined up on the floor in STPC) and #7 ameara puking blood into the toilet in SVD — . . .i’ll stop there as i could do a top 100 since a lot of the scenes turned me on haha AND also ironically most of ameara’s puking isn’t even in my movies since that happened mostly in our private life (when she would puke on me) and the idea was that she was seeing all these “slaughtered vomit dolls” as her mind obliterated and died so a lot of the puking ended being done by the “dolls” in my movies not ameara ***honorable mention: i was super turned on by the tarantula being sewn in, in RS , but just in a different way than puke

the lana del rey song “radio” that played after vg4 at SINS is actually very important to me because i only ever started listening to lana del rey during the filming of black mass of the nazi sex wizard because chalice was really in to lana’s music and she told me about her and she had some lana videos posted on her fb wall so i first heard them that way –again , with me most of my ideas simply come from whatever i am imprinted with in life , so the very first deep impression i get from something will almost ALWAYS go into my movies/drawings/music/sound etc — and so, with VG4, when i first started talking to Chalice and Sister S online they both loved lana del rey and i personally at that time was very very obsessed with the death of jonbenet ramsey and how it fuses with angela aberdeen’s eternal “death of the lost girl” , (similar to how kurt cobain’s death fuses/entangles with angela “aberdeen”‘s death in RS) so those two themes are literally combined in black mass of the nazi sex wizard on many overt and subtle levels in the movie and in my head all set to the “tune” of lana del rey’s music — especially in the song “radio” that was played at SINS following vg4, the lyrics and tone of the meaning of that song in that context are supposed to be conveyed through jonbenet ramsey/angela aberdeen’s perspective (as though, if jonbenet or ameara/angela had lived to be young , beautiful, famous starlets she may have said or felt or lived the lyrics to that song but obviously they were doomed starlets) . . . .

black mass of the nazi sex wizard has a ton of sub and sub-sub themes in it haha and the sound design too, it always fascinates me endlessly which movies of mine people gravitate to , theres so many different reasons why a particular movie of mine resonates more with someone than others . . . i think vg4 may take a little more time to grow in the subconscious of people who might be interested in my work, as most of the meanings and metaphors are pretty subtle ,speaking for myself, there are lots of little interesting details and things that i realize and discover in VG4 even to this day and i can make more connections with jonbenet ramsey and angela and the “lost girl” idea in general . . . and a few are not so subtle

that ending shot of little ameara walking away into the woods as she says the innocent and heartbreaking line “we’re going on a hunting trip” has always haunted me and really is an emblematic shot and statement of the overall story of angela in all my movies . . . .

i’ve definitely shot enough for two new films , i’ll plan to start editing and making/composing sounds etc in about 3 months from now i think

recording the sound and making the sound design is literally one of my favorite things to do in life !

Author: Nick DeCarlo

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